Nov 10 2014

Hamlet’s Rooting’s

Hi!  I’m Hamlet.  I’m a micro mini pig and my mom is Dr Deroo! Sometimes I come and visit the clinic, but now that I’m bigger, I spend most of my time sleeping on the couch or rooting around outside on mom’s little farm looking for good things to eat.

Mom says I need a job, so I’m supposed to try to do this blogging thing which is supposed to keep everyone updated on the goings on at the clinic and any cool stuff that happens at home.  My trotters aren’t so good for typing, but I just dictate and Toby types for me.  Oh ya.  I have 3 brothers: Toby (a Silky Terrier), Timber (a Samoyed) and Banjo (a Samoyed) and 1 stoopid sister Ozzy (an African Grey….she bites!!!)

Sooooooo, I’m going to give this a try.  Stay tuned for more.  Have to go back to sleep now!!!

Grunts and yawns,

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One thought on “Hamlet’s Rooting’s”

  1. Lindsay says:

    cute glasses!

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