Darlene Perkins

Veterinary Technician

Darlene joined our team as a veterinary technician in 1990. Her commitment to companion animals is unwavering. Almost every job she has had in the past involved caring for animal. As a technician Darlene is responsible for ensuring that animals are monitored during surgery, assisting doctors with treatments and surgery, caring for hospitalized patients, etc. Darlene does this with the compassion and care she shows her own fur kids.

Darlene knew at a young age that she was meant to work with animals and continues to make this her life work. She currently owns 2 Pomeranians…that is, 2 perfect Poms, Mylee and Minnie Mouse! She has a multitude of birds – Quakers, Sun Conures and Canaries. She hand raises Quakers Parrots and Sun Conures. Her newest animals to breed are dwarf hamsters and canaries. She’s quite the artist, drawing and painting her favorite subjects. She loves to take photos!!! She’s always texting or emailing her new batch of pics so that we could see her dogs in a new costume or outfit, admire the way the flowers in her garden look this week compared to last week etc! Darlene’s favourite colours are RED and BLACK. Her clothes and everything she owns are almost exclusively these colours. She collects bags too. Yes, that’s right, BAGS (lunch bags, back packs, carrying cases of various sizes), but only red ones…

Darlene is an active member of Therapy Dogs Inc. and makes several weekly visits to nursing homes with Minnie Mouse. She’s been doing Therapy Dog work since 1993!

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