• Ferris Lane on The Nature of Things!

    Tune into The Nature of Things on CBC.com on March 31st! Ferris Lane Animal Hospital shows up for a small segment in this program!

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  • Our Dental Health Care Plan

    At Ferris Lane Animal Hospital, all of our dentistries start with a comprehensive examination of the mouth. All patients will receive intravenous fluid therapy, pain medication, and a thorough dental polish and scale.

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  • Welcome to Ferris Lane Animal Hospital – Vets in Barrie

    Welcome to Ferris Lane Animal Hospital! Your local animal hospital in Barrie. Come join our family!

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  • Veterinary Services Available

    Our animal hospital in Barrie is pleased to offer a wide variety of veterinary services! These services include: dentistry, spay and neuter surgeries, endoscopy & more!

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  • Avian and Exotic Medicine and Surgery Available

    Our animal hospital in Barrie is pleased to offer avian and exotic medicine and surgery, including pocket pets and reptiles!

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  • Exotic Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry

    We at Ferris Lane LOVE our RABBITS! Our veterinarians are all well trained in small mammal medicine, surgery and dentistry. Our technicians are also well trained in rabbit husbandry and nutrition. Book today for your rabbit consult!

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Ferris Lane Animal Hospital would like to thank YOU for choosing us to be your Top Veterinary Clinic in Barrie! For more information, visit Top Choice Awards.

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National Tick Awareness Month!

There’s no denying the concern about ticks is growing. People are finding more ticks on their pets — and themselves! Reported cases of Lyme disease are more frequent.

Ticks begin looking for a blood meal as soon as outdoor temperatures reach 4ºC. This can occur very early in the spring or on warmer days during traditionally cold months — well before we usually even start to think about parasite control for the summer months.

Come in and see one of our staff members for your "Tick Talk" today!

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