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By January 30, 2015 Uncategorized

HamlettuckedinYup…that’s me.  When it’s cold out I like to snuggle under the blankets and pillows.  I gather up everything I can find and make a pile on the couch n’ then burrow underneath ’em.  It works great! You should try it!.  When it’s really cold I only go outside to go to the bathroom, and even then I pretend I won’t go until mom throws a banana or apple out there for me!  I miss spending the day outside eating the flowers and the grass.  I hope Spring comes soon.

Mom says that dogs and cats should be kept inside when it’s really cold ’cause they can get too cold and frostbitted.  Timber and Banjo sometimes get snowballs between their toes and it’s owie so mom makes sure to melt ’em once they come back inside.  Timber and Banjo are Samoyeds.  They have nice thick coats so they don’t mind the snow too much, but some dogs like Toby aren’t as fuzzy, so he gets cold faster.  Mom has a snowsuit she makes Toby wear if it’s really cold.  He looks like a doofus in it (but don’t tell him I said that or he’ll be mad at me).

Timber is getting old n’ mom says he has ‘arthritis’.  She says that it’s harder for old dogs and dogs with ‘thritis to walk on the slippery snow n’ ice so she has to be more careful.  Timber and Banjo both like to run on the ice on the pond at our house.  They get in trouble when they do that ’cause mom says you can never be sure the ice is safe n’ they could fall through n’ get hurted!

So many things to be careful of when it’s winter and cold outside.  How long does this winter thing last?  I’ve had enough of it thank you!

Until next time,

Grunts and belly rubs,


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