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Hamlet’s Rootings

  • Jan 30 2015

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    Yup…that’s me.  When it’s cold out I like to snuggle under the blankets and pillows.  I gather up everything I can find and make a pile on the couch n’…

  • Dec 03 2014

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    Hi everyone! It’s Hamlet again! For their Christmas party, mom took her staff bowling. I put a picture of everybody at the bottom. I don’t understand bowling. They throw a…

  • Nov 18 2014

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    It’s Snowing!

    Mom’s all ‘cited cause it’s snowing outside. She said it gives her an excuse to sit by the fire and read n’ sew n’ stuff. When I look outside right…

  • Nov 12 2014

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    Fish Tanks are Pretty

    This blogging thing is gettin’ kinda fun! Mom said to tell you all about the pretty fish tank at work. There’s a big glass box full of weird things called…

  • Nov 11 2014

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    Sheldon the Wonder Bunny

    I’m writing 2 days in a row. I’m so proud of myself!! Today I’m supposed to tell you about the bunny that lives at the clinic. I like bunnies ’cause…

  • Nov 10 2014

    Hamlet’s Rooting’s

    Hi!  I’m Hamlet.  I’m a micro mini pig and my mom is Dr Deroo! Sometimes I come and visit the clinic, but now that I’m bigger, I spend most of…